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The Meaningful Learning podcast is about designing and delivering innovative experiences that provide just in time learning. It brings together a community of educators who understand that learning is both a personal and a social experience, and can only be meaningful if it has an impact on the learner and her/his community. How we can prepare students for the present and the future, to cultivate their value of learning for itself, and be caring, kind human beings who make a difference in the world?


In this podcast I speak with Dr. Trevor Soponis, Founder and Chief Learning Officer of the Sustainable Learning Projects. Trevor is dedicated to developing project-based learning opportunities addressing the fundamental environmental challenges of our time for students around the world. Trevor has moved my thinking as we discuss:

  • How we should trust students to take charge of their learning and solve the problems of their community.
  • The power of connections to the environment to drive learning, in the future, yes, but also right now.
  • The opportunities COVID and Black Lives Matter may provide to create a better world if we make the right choices.

Join us for another episode of the Meaningful Learning podcast by Coconut Thinking, which may be the last one from Saudi Arabia as new adventures await.

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Listening to education podcasts, there are many conversations about the student experience that take place between adults, and while there can be so much to learn from pedagogical experts and leaders, it's all too rare that anyone asks the students themselves about their school years. 

In this Podcast, I interview 3 recent High School graduates about what they learned the past 4 year, in school and outside, what resonates with them, what they would change in schools, and what how prepared they feel for life after High School. 

We often talk about voice and choice for students, so this was a chance to give team space to express themselves. They have much to teach us if we want to design learning experiences that make an impact as well as make connections with the students. 

In this episode, we learn (confirm?) that students value choice, relationships, and the space to pursue their interests. No surprise maybe, but these kids have some insightful ideas about how to go about it all.

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Dr. Rena Upitis is a Professor of Education at Queen’s University. She has authored or co-authored 10 books and over 100 peer-reviewed articles. Her research and curriculum projects have explored teacher, artist, and student transformation through the arts. Rena herself is a musician, visual artist, and timber-frame carpenter. Oh yeah, and she lives off-grid!

In this podcast, Rena talks about how:

  • we learn best when we are emotionally-connected to questions that matter,
  • there are multiple paths for joy in post-secondary life, 
  • some children are learning more under lockdown than in schools.

Join us for another episode of the Meaningful Learning Podcast by Coconut Thinking.


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We look at why:

  • learning cannot be measured effectively through testing.
  • the education industry has reduced learning to a score (grade).
  • measuring the effects of learning as action is what matters most.
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