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The Meaningful Learning podcast is about designing and delivering innovative experiences that provide just in time learning. It brings together a community of provocateurs who understand that learning is both a personal and a social experience, and can only be meaningful if it has an impact on the learner and their community. We believe in purposeful thinking and action for positive impact on the welfare of the bio-collective.

December 2, 2020

S2E6:Bringing the Why back into Learning (ft. Karl Millsom)

In this episode of the Meaningful Learning podcast, I speak with Karl Millsom, Founder of the Rebel Teacher Network. Karl is a thought agitator who is not afraid to pose questions and frame issues in ways that force us to stop and re-consider why and how we do things in education. Karl helps and leads teachers to transform their practice to make learning experiences deeper by placing the student and the center of learning, but in ways that are fulfilling for the teacher as well. We discuss:

  • How we can find space to transform the curriculum to make it matter to all learners
  • How assessment connects to learning... or fails to in many cases
  • How the community can and should be involved in teaching to bring expertise

Join us for another episode of the Meaningful Learning podcast by Coconut Thinking. We hope you enjoy this episode and please let us have your thoughts and feedback. 

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